Jo Severson Stoneware


Jo & Betsy

Yes, It seems that I show favoritism towards our littlest dog, Betsy.

I love to make pots. I find inspiration in the fact that my pots will be put to use in the simple traditions of everyday living, such as setting the table, sharing meals with friends, arranging flowers in a vase. I hope my pottery can add bit of beauty to these everyday rituals.

My goal as a potter for the past thirty years has been to create pots with a genuine sense of pleasure in use. My pieces are strong simple pots designed for beauty and function in the home. I throw, and sometimes alter, forms using a combination of contemporary and traditional surface designs.

I perform all the processes involved in making each piece. My pots are thrown on a potter's wheel. I use stoneware clay and glazes fired to 2300 degrees in a gas reduction kiln. I mix all my glazes from raw chemicals. Over the years, I have found the most important aspect of being truly creative is to always grow. It is so easy to become stagnant. I am continually trying various forms and surface glazing techniques.

About Me

I have been making pots since the late 60's.

I learned to throw in high school. I apprenticed with a production potter in Kansas City for a couple of years. I then moved to Fort Collins CO to start a studio. When I realized that Colorado did not have enough mosquitos I bought some marshland in central Minnesota and have been a Minnesotan even since.